Louisiana Insurance Newsletter – January 2021

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Louisiana Tort Reform Act of 2020 (“HB 57”)

On July 13, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 57 (“HB 57”), the Louisiana Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020, which changes Louisiana procedural and tort law in [...]


Louisiana Insurance Law Newsletter – August 2020

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By Richard J. Petre, Jr. UM – Waiver – Policy Changes In Williams v. Mosley, 2019 CA 0578 (La. App. 1 Cir. 1/9/20), the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed summary judgment to a UM [...]

Is Business-Interruption Coverage Available?

By Richard J. Petre, Jr. With the suspension of business activities because of the coronavirus and resultant governmental shut-down orders, small business owners are reviewing their insurance [...]


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